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Spring Whites

Well i think that we can safety say that we are blown away by how much you loved Spring Whites as our Friday flowers theme. Every time that we called the grower to add on more flowers we said “this is the last time” and then so many of you were calling asking if we could just add on one more bunch.

The panda anemone were just so beautiful and they really stood out next to the tulips. It was also so wonderful to sit and write out the tags to accompany the flowers. It is such a privilege to get to read the messages that you all send to each other. Such messages of joy and hope in what’s is still a very bleak time for many.

We take a break for a a week now, concentrating on Easter bouquets but Friday Flowers returns on the 9th April, with something a little different! We are moving away from Tulips now as the seasons change and will soon be into Stocks. The perfume from these are hard to beat, so we really look forward to you all enjoying these.

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