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Introducing Clemmie and Twine…

Darling clemmie, thank you for being rash enough to marry me, foolish enough to stay with me, and for loving me in a way i thought I’d never be loved.” – Winston Churchill

It was a love of reading that brought the two of us together, both a little bit lost, both looking for something more, something that we could get lost in, passionate about, like any good love story. And from this longing, Clemmie and Twine was born.

We are Tina and Kelli and flowers are something that we are both passionate about. Which is why we have taken the steps to make our long talked of dream a reality. Providing flowers to you, giving you the tools to make our floral kits from the comforts of your own home, as a group (pre-covid!) or just as something to send to someone special.

Look out for the ever popular Friday flowers, curated each week to the latest theme, from the mood board in our studio. Think Sunset pinks, White as snow or apple tree greens. If we are inspired by it, it goes onto the board and we them base Friday flowers around this.

Also don’t miss our Joy Jars, a smaller version of Friday Flowers. Buy for yourself or someone special. Keep an eye out on the website, instagram and facebook for our latest flowers. We may even brave the odd TikTok!

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