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We have land!

Part of our floristry journey this year has been about growing for ourselves. We have enough space where we live to accomplish this and have spent the last year learning and growing (literally).

in Spring, never before had i been so concerned about frost! Going outside at midnight to check on my seedlings, to even resorting to a hairdryer at one point. Learning in this way has given me a new respect for nature. It has taught me patience and has shown me that the hard work is worth it. We have had some amazing flowers and the season has really only just begun. Where i used to love my Roses and Peonies, i now find myself gushing over Icelandic Poppies and Night scented stocks. I feel our style has changed and that has really come through in our floristry. We have been edgy with our designs, more wild, more free and now we go one step further.

Thanks to my darling husband we have now acquired a rather large area of land on a farm local to us, already equipped with Poly tunnels, in which to grow on a larger scale. The work really starts now as there is much to do, but we find ourselves quite literally sowing the seed for our future with Clemmie and Twine.

The plan is to continue to grow for our own floristry but with the vision to also grow and sell to other local florists. As we have always said, it’s about supporting each other and we have been so lucky to work alongside such amazing florists. And so, we find ourselves starting another chapter. It feels like ten years has happened in less than one, but also like we have finally found the place in which we were always meant to be.

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