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We have land!

Part of our floristry journey this year has been about growing for ourselves. We have enough space where we live to accomplish this and have spent the last year learning and growing (literally).

in Spring, never before had i been so concerned about frost! Going outside at midnight to check on my seedlings, to even resorting to a hairdryer at one point. Learning in this way has given me a new respect for nature. It has taught me patience and has shown me that the hard work is worth it. We have had some amazing flowers and the season has really only just begun. Where i used to love my Roses and Peonies, i now find myself gushing over Icelandic Poppies and Night scented stocks. I feel our style has changed and that has really come through in our floristry. We have been edgy with our designs, more wild, more free and now we go one step further.

Thanks to my darling husband we have now acquired a rather large area of land on a farm local to us, already equipped with Poly tunnels, in which to grow on a larger scale. The work really starts now as there is much to do, but we find ourselves quite literally sowing the seed for our future with Clemmie and Twine.

The plan is to continue to grow for our own floristry but with the vision to also grow and sell to other local florists. As we have always said, it’s about supporting each other and we have been so lucky to work alongside such amazing florists. And so, we find ourselves starting another chapter. It feels like ten years has happened in less than one, but also like we have finally found the place in which we were always meant to be.

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Friday flowers.

We are still blown away with the response for #fridayflowers. We had originally planned to offer these once a fortnight but the demand has been so great that we may have to change our minds on this.

We spent a long time looking for local growers so that the flowers we offer were seasonal and being local, helping us to cut down on our carbon footprint. We now use a company that cut fresh on the morning that we deliver so you really are getting the best longevity with Friday flowers. Each week we take our inspiration from the world around us and create a theme which we then carry through into our packaging. Our first Friday flowers was “Dotty for Tulips” . We used a really great black and white polka dot tissue and brown paper to wrap, with just our stamp in ink black to set off the branding. I’m still a huge fan of “that dress” from Zara and the inspiration for “Dotty for Tulips” came from this.

Our next Friday flowers will centre around Tina mentioning that she like Raspberry Ripple ice cream, so expect lots of red, white and pinks. We will of course do the reveal this weekend ready for pre-orders. Still lots to organise for Mother’s Day and Friday flowers will feature heavily with this.

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Spring Whites

Well i think that we can safety say that we are blown away by how much you loved Spring Whites as our Friday flowers theme. Every time that we called the grower to add on more flowers we said “this is the last time” and then so many of you were calling asking if we could just add on one more bunch.

The panda anemone were just so beautiful and they really stood out next to the tulips. It was also so wonderful to sit and write out the tags to accompany the flowers. It is such a privilege to get to read the messages that you all send to each other. Such messages of joy and hope in what’s is still a very bleak time for many.

We take a break for a a week now, concentrating on Easter bouquets but Friday Flowers returns on the 9th April, with something a little different! We are moving away from Tulips now as the seasons change and will soon be into Stocks. The perfume from these are hard to beat, so we really look forward to you all enjoying these.

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Blossom for days…

“We never could have loved the Earth so well if we had no childhood in it. If it were not the Earth where the same flowers come up again every Spring…… what novelty is worth that sweet monotony where everything is known and loved because it is known.” – George Elliot

Everywhere we look at the moment, blossom is covering trees. For me, this is my favourite time of year. After such a bleak winter, seeing these small signs that life goes on, the sun rises, the flowers bloom… it all give me such hope for the future. Was lucky enough to visit the absolutely stunning Chippenham Park last week. The smell from the daffodils was incredible. The venue itself is like something from an Austen novel. We have a couple of wedding booked here later in the year and we cannot wait to get in and get creative!

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Introducing Clemmie and Twine…

Darling clemmie, thank you for being rash enough to marry me, foolish enough to stay with me, and for loving me in a way i thought I’d never be loved.” – Winston Churchill

It was a love of reading that brought the two of us together, both a little bit lost, both looking for something more, something that we could get lost in, passionate about, like any good love story. And from this longing, Clemmie and Twine was born.

We are Tina and Kelli and flowers are something that we are both passionate about. Which is why we have taken the steps to make our long talked of dream a reality. Providing flowers to you, giving you the tools to make our floral kits from the comforts of your own home, as a group (pre-covid!) or just as something to send to someone special.

Look out for the ever popular Friday flowers, curated each week to the latest theme, from the mood board in our studio. Think Sunset pinks, White as snow or apple tree greens. If we are inspired by it, it goes onto the board and we them base Friday flowers around this.

Also don’t miss our Joy Jars, a smaller version of Friday Flowers. Buy for yourself or someone special. Keep an eye out on the website, instagram and facebook for our latest flowers. We may even brave the odd TikTok!