“She wore the scent of early Spring on her delicate neck and every kiss I stole tasted of bright yellow flowers and buzzing bees” – Michael Faudet

We have land!

Part of our floristry journey this year has been about growing for ourselves. We have enough space where we live to accomplish this and have spent the last year learning and growing (literally). in Spring, never before had i been so concerned about frost! Going outside at midnight to check on my seedlings, to even […]

Friday flowers.

We are still blown away with the response for #fridayflowers. We had originally planned to offer these once a fortnight but the demand has been so great that we may have to change our minds on this. We spent a long time looking for local growers so that the flowers we offer were seasonal and […]

Spring Whites

Well i think that we can safety say that we are blown away by how much you loved Spring Whites as our Friday flowers theme. Every time that we called the grower to add on more flowers we said “this is the last time” and then so many of you were calling asking if we […]

Blossom for days…

“We never could have loved the Earth so well if we had no childhood in it. If it were not the Earth where the same flowers come up again every Spring…… what novelty is worth that sweet monotony where everything is known and loved because it is known.” – George Elliot Everywhere we look at […]

Introducing Clemmie and Twine…

“Darling clemmie, thank you for being rash enough to marry me, foolish enough to stay with me, and for loving me in a way i thought I’d never be loved.” – Winston Churchill It was a love of reading that brought the two of us together, both a little bit lost, both looking for something […]