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Absolutely. We want you to tell us which flowers you love. We can then offer suggestions about other we think will work. It's important to remember though that nature has her own clock and it's not always possible to get certain flowers out of their season. Thats where we can guide you. Love peonies but getting married in March, why not try a fluffy ranunculus instead?

Can i choose my flowers?

Definitely!  We often speak to couples more than a year before the big day and a lot can change in that time. Our initial proposal is just that, a proposal. It's really about making sure we have understood the brief and that you want to work with us. Nothing is set in stone until 4/6 weeks before the wedding.


Don's panic! That's what we are here for. Our job is to talk you through your consultation, finding out what you do and don't like and then coming up with a proposal to help make it all a bit more real. Part of this is really knowing the venues that we work at and getting the most from them and their space.

WHAT if we dont know what we want?

Once we have had that initial consultation, and you have decided that you like our style and feel that we have understood you and your day, we ask that you book your date in our diary by paying our deposit. Full details are always found on the last page of your proposal.

how do i book you?

As soon as possible. Our diary fills up fast and we are usually working over 2/3 years in advance. Always check your date, our team is large enough that we are able to run more than one wedding at a time so it's always worth checking.


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